Your chance to choose your favorite meat plus two sides!

A true masterpiece – perfectly smoked meat stuffed into a fresh potato and
layered with butter, cheese, and sour cream…. What are you waiting for?!

This spicy, seasonal treat is a staple among Cajun heritage.

Sold by the pound, with corn and potatoes. How could you not enjoy?

Crawfish season normally last from January – June and you can bet that during those months,
if you are looking for live or boiled, we’ve got you covered!

Who knew chicken could be so good?

Your choice of a half, or whole chicken,
dusted with our special blend of seasonings and smoked for 2+ hours. A true
fan favorite…

Whether it’s a single plate, family combo, or catering your
special event, the chicken will leave your taste buds wanting more!

Perfected! It all starts with a fresh rack of St. Louis cut pork ribs
seasoned with our proprietary rib rub, smoked low and slow, resulting in the
perfect rib! Tender, smoked, juicy and full of flavor!

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